55% Profit Fundraising Program

Many of us have experienced several types of fundraising such as magazines, cookie dough containers, candles, etc; we want to offer something unique, and we believe we have found that- X-Static Silver Infused Towels!  These towels are FDA approved, odorless and most importantly work to prevent bacteria, fungus and virus spreading concerns when used.  These features are guaranteed for the life of the towel.  You can choose the color of your towel and it will be embroidered with a school or club logo.  We offer many different sizes from fitness towels, jumbo bath towels.


Product Details
  • X-STATIC® is made by permanently bonding metallic silver to the surface of the fiber. Not a nanotechnology or a complex chemical formula, just silver.
  • X-STATIC® fibers and fabrics deliver 100% surface area of silver to maximize performance, yet they remain soft and flexible.
  • X-STATIC® is registered as an antimicrobial with the US EPA, is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and is used in multiple FDA approved products.*