The DriveMind Group Difference

The DriveMind Group is a “think tank” organization. Created by two school administrators, the group was started to confront, address and provide solutions for the many challenges our educational system faces in this day and age. The group is a hub for educational tools and services that are designed to streamline schools’ operational challenges. From building safety to curriculum enhancement, we are proud to recommend products that offer solutions.

Meet The Team

JR Suppes


JR Suppes began his career in Education in 1986. During his 30 plus years in education he has done everything from coaching, teaching, administration, dean of students, superintendent and most importantly a leader in the education world.

While dabbling in the education world Suppes realized he wanted to make an impact more than anything on the kids an parents in the school systems. Since he’s been in all roles you can image in the education world, his idea of DriveMind was started with his partner in crime Mr Bostic.

With Suppess’ expertise and empathy for what the day-to-day challenges are in the schools, he and his team have picked the “best of the best” products for the schools.

Jim Bostic

Vice President

Jim Bostic is a veteran in the field of education, with over 30 years of combined experience in senior level administration, secondary curriculum, career-tech education, including a variety of school leadership positions at all developmental levels. Jim’s passion for education has inspired him to successfully receive an assortment of degrees and licensures, molding him as an education expert in both traditional and community school design. With his skills in school improvement, data analysis, and program development, Jim has assisted in significant enrollment growth in large school districts, as well as effectively analyzing and improving school budgets. Jim is married to his long-time wife and father of eight children. He is an avid sports fan and has coached numerous sports at all age levels.

Ashley Kaufman

Educational Solutions Manager 

Ashley has been involved with K-12 education for over 10 years after she received a Master’s Degree in Education. She has served in a variety of roles from coach, to teacher, and most recently a school administrator. While serving in her previous roles she was able to firsthand experience the challenges educators face daily while trying to provide the best education for our children. Ashley comes to us with a passion for advancing educational and operational practices in our schools.

Jackie Davis

Director of Information Technology

Jackie has been in K-12 Information Technology for nearly 15 years. Partnering with schools in efforts to grow their understanding of technology and what drives learning for this generation of students is and will always be Jackie’s passion. STEAM in the classroom is something that is a must in the 21st, 22nd, 23rd centuries and beyond and she just can’t wait to share this concept to all staff (tech savvy or not) with the enthusiasm of a true geek (but without the pocket protector).

Jackie holds degrees in Applied Business, Computer Networking Software and Applied Science, Computer Networking Hardware.

Rebecca Smetak

Brand Manager 

Rebecca Smetak began her career in Graphic Design in 2011, after graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design through The University of Akron. Previously she was the Director of Marketing and Creative Services at Hiram College for 12 years. There she provided professional counsel and expertise to campus in the areas of marketing, branding and graphic design in order to position Hiram College as a highly favorable choice in the higher education landscape.

As our Brand Manager she is responsible for all areas of: branding, graphic design, writing, editing, website, email marketing, social media, advertising, collateral development, photography, video and media relations.

Rebecca’s greatest strengths are her creativity, drive and leadership. She thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach.

Brittany Tackett

Special Education Compliance Director  

Brittany Tackett began her career as a Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher in 2009. However, during the first few months of her career she knew she was destined to teach students with special needs. In 2012, Brittany graduated with her Masters in Special Education. Brittany has taught in a variety of settings to include: public, charter, and residential treatment facilities. During her time in charter schools, Brittany met an amazing team of administrators (JR, Ashley, and Jim) whose visions aligned with hers. Brittany’s impeccable skills in directing special education teams has lead her to strive to bring the best education to students with special needs. When she isn’t writing IEPs or helping others strive to be their best she enjoys spending time watching football with her husband and toddler son.

Liz Bailey

Regional Special Education Coordinator 

Liz Bailey began her career 18 years ago in education. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Special Education from Kent Sate University and a Master’s in Classroom Guidance from Malone University. She has taught in suburban and urban school districts and most recently served as a Special Education Supervisor. Liz demonstrates knowledge and skill sets that set her apart in the area of standards-based instruction, special education teaching-learning practices, resource design/development and collaborative leadership practices. Her priority and focus is on keeping students at the center of all decisions and growing teams to do the same.