EZRobot, Computer Coding Solution

Real World Skills and Knowledge

When students learn robotics with EZ-Robot, they’re learning skills and knowledge that translate to real world opportunities and success. EZ-Robot is the world’s fastest growing robotics platform, and is already the backbone of commercially available robots. Each day, leading robotics companies are designing robotic applications around the EZ-Robot platform. Hence, when in the classroom using EZ-Robot, students gain real-world skills, knowledge and application.

EZ-Robot may seem like a fun toy for building robots. That is because they have spent countless hours designing the perfect robot controller that is so fun to use, people do not realize they are learning. EZ-Robot provides a platform that scales between beginner and advanced users. Users are taught logic, soldering, electronics and modular design while modifying a toy shell into a Personal Robot. The excitement of having a personalized robot makes the process even more rewarding!


Why EZ Robots?
  • Engages Boys AND Girls, increases confidence, and provides a wide range of STEM learning opportunities, as well as a fun pathway into programming.
  • Built‐in camera allows for easy tracking of motion, colors, faces, Glyphs and QR codes. Your robot can even be taught to recognize objects and people.
  • Built‐in speaker allows users to program their robots to talk, record and play back voices and sound clips, and play their favorite songs.
  • EZRobots can be controlled with Wii remotes, Xbox 360 controllers, joysticks, Android and iPhones, tablets, computers, Virtual Reality Glasses, or even just your voice.
  • Built­‐in Speech Recognition allows students to interact with their robot verbally, which promotes an emotional attachment and increases engagement and learning potential.
  • Wii remotes, smart phones and virtual reality glasses allow users to control their robots kinesthetically (through their body movement), similar to what students have seen in sci-­fi movies like Avatar and Pacific Rim.
  • Control up to 36 servos and sensors with each EZRobot Controller, allowing students to build complex robots. The EZ can also control electrical motors, allowing students to build real­‐world robotic solutions. For example, high school students have built snow‐shoveling robots.
  • Open Development Platform means that your robot platform gets better every week as users from around the world develop new parts and robot applications.
  • Built­‐in Support for 3D printing means you can easily add new parts to your robot, increasing versatility and functionality.
  • Our intuitive software is easy for students to have rapid success, building confidence while they seamlessly advance to “traditional programming”. Supports C#, C++, Visual Basic Programming
  • Our comprehensive and self‐directed curriculum meets Common Core and 21st Century Learning objectives and is easy‐to­‐use. Any teacher can have success with EZRobot, and be teaching robotics, without any prior robotics experience.
  • Software is FREE to download from our website, meaning students can also work on their projects at home.
  • EZRobot is a real‐world robot platform. Students that learn robotics with EZRobot are gaining experience and skills that directly translate to success in their careers.

Everything you need to deliver a world-class robotics education to 30 students per class.
Your Robotics Lab comes complete with:

  • 5 Humanoids
  • 5 Rovers
  • 5 Hexapods
  • 4 Hours of Online Training and Support
  • Our Self-Directed “Introduction to Robotics” Curriculum
  • 20 Lever Servos
  • 5 HDD Servos
  • 4 Micro Servos
  • 6 Spare Batteries
  • 20 Extension Cubes
  • 20 Extension Blocks
  • 10 Adapter Plates
  • 4 Spare Battery Chargers
  • 20 Extension Wires
  • 4 Replacement Pegs
  • 6 Replacement Lever Servo U Brackets
  • 5 Ultrasonic Distance Sensors