Let’s Talk!

Know what’s trending in your school community. Identify threats to your vision. And get the clarity you need to lead — all in one place.

As a school leader, you are surrounded by risk. Comments and concerns come at you by phone, email, district website and social media. With so many departments and silos, it’s difficult to know who says what when. Let’s Talk! funnels all of these conversations into one location. Track inbound and outbound communications from your desktop or smartphone and build trust with parents, teachers, students and community members by issuing thoughtful, timely responses.


Timely interventions

One misinformed tweet or angry Facebook post is all it takes for a trending issue to erupt into a full-on communications crisis. Think of Let’s Talk! as your early-warning detection system. Automatically scan your school community for potential threats. Get Flashpoint Alerts and discover why a prompt, targeted response to problems in your school or district makes all the difference.