Mobil Trackr

School safety is of paramount concern for parents and school personnel. Mobil Trackr is a cutting-edge technology company that has created the “Connected Bus” solution. You now have the ability to track any bus in real time via an app or web browser; you can turn your bus into a Wi-Fi hot spot for students to access and interface; real time bus cameras with broadband service can be integrated with the tracking system; and a student “On” or “Off” touch-tablet interface completes a fully integrated “Connected Bus” safety package for your district’s transportation fleet.

Wifi on the Bus! Bus Tracking!

Connected Bus Cameras! On & Off The Bus!

  • Connect students to the internet 24/7
  • Filter student internet traffic
  • Manage overages by day or month
  • Eliminate data overages
  • Know if each student is “on” or “off”
  • Simple touch-tablet interface
  • Admin dashboard view of every bus Coming soon!
  • Real time tracking via app or web browser
  • Trip history and statistics
  • Free parent/student app
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Driver & fleet notifications
  • Diagonstic monitoring Sally Smith Jose Quana Bob Smith Suzy Franks
  • Connect w/ broadband service
  • Integrate with bus tracking
  • Support for up to 8 cameras
  • Real time camera viewing
  • Pull clips on demand (location, time or event)
  • Interior and stop arm cameras