Educational Services

The DriveMind Group is a hub for educational tools and services that are designed to streamline schools’ operational challenges. From building safety to curriculum enhancement, we are proud to recommend products that offer solutions.

Areas of Focus

Curriculum & Instruction

As educators and administrators, The DriveMind Group understands the importance of education, and that is why we believe in effectively providing curriculum solutions for students in intermediate school, middle school, high school, and credit recovery programs. Access to DriveMind includes additional software support, as well as troubleshooting.

School Safety

Everyone has a fear of unwanted visitors in their child’s school, and that is why we, as parents, are determined to find a solution to keep your students as safe as we can outside of their own home! We have researched countless products, and believe we have truly found “the best of the best!” The DriveMind group is committed to providing a peace of mind for parents and teachers during the school’s operating day.


We have created an opportunity to make sure your fundraising program allows you to collect 100% of the profit! Most fundraisers offer items that are consumed immediately, or only offer one-time satisfaction. In a quest to find a longer lasting solution, as well as a product that offers long-term effectiveness, we have discovered a program that offers the whole package!

Professional Development

The most important role model in the life of a child, other than their parents, is their teachers! The impact educators have on their students is a relationship that should be nourished and supported by the school’s administrators and governing officials. We provide an array of professional development opportunities for all of your educational staff.