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About DriveMind

The DriveMind Group is a hub for educational tools and services that were designed to help schools run safely, efficiently and ensure that students and educators have what they need to truly thrive. From building safety to curriculum enhancement, we are proud to recommend solutions that can empower and protect school leadership, teachers and students.

The DriveMind Group is a one-stop shop for safety products that have been developed by local entrepreneurs. We’re parents, so school safety is definitely a top priority of ours. That’s why we’re proud to offer products that can help keep children and educators safe in a place where they shouldn’t have to worry about security threats.

One of our most popular items, the Bolo Stick, is a strong, simple and affordable door barricade device that was developed by a Northeast Ohio police officer. The Bolo Stick was designed to be used when the lockdown of rooms are necessary to protect against unwanted threats and armed intruders. We also carry camera and communication systems, visitor management programs, bus mobile tracking software, emergency alert programs and much more.

Find out how we can keep your school safe.

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Let’s Us Help you.

Drivemind safety security bolostick classroom teacher principal

Why Choose Us

We’re not here to profit off of the fears of educators, parents or even the students. Instead, we’re a “think tank” organization created by two school administrators. The DriveMind Group was started in an effort to confront, address and provide solutions for the many challenges educators and school systems face today.

Along with school safety, we can help you find the right solutions for:


Whether you are a Private, Public or Charter School in the Inner City, Suburbs or Rural America, DAILY DING™ can help your school(s) secure much-needed funding!


School safety isn’t just about stranger danger and other unforeseen tragedies. Safety also involves preserving the health and wellness of students and staff. The DriveMind Group offers disinfection systems, wellness program creation and more to keep everyone in your school healthy and happy. 


The world already depends on robotics. Prepare your students for careers that don’t even exist today with learning skills and knowledge that translate to real-world opportunities and success.  Let’s get the world ready to depend on your students!


As educators and administrators, The DriveMind Group understands that a strong teaching team is critical to a school’s success. These individuals need to be able to reach students from different ability levels and backgrounds in an effective and compassionate manner. They also need to be prepared for any crisis that comes their way. The DriveMind Group can help ensure that you have the right special education professionals for your school. We can also help your staff develop the skills needed to implement Social and Emotional Learning(SEL) or to manage real-world issues like cyberbullying, depression, suicide and anxiety.

Individual approach to your needs

From building safety to curriculum enhancement, we are proud to recommend products and services that meet your school’s specific needs—not one size fits all solutions.

High level of research

We know the products and solutions that we offer thoroughly. We guess you could say that “we’ve done our homework!”

We’re committed to your success

Our mission is to assist in the evolution of next-generation teaching in order to sustain the changes that need to be made and empower school leaders and teachers.

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