Our Mission

The DriveMind Group was created to Serve, Support and Supply our community with research based solutions to protect, secure and educate.

What We Do

The DriveMind Group is your location for organizational safety solutions, including health safety products and services to battle the continued spread of germs, virus, and pathogens.

We also provide a full line of robotics and STEM solutions for our educational institutions.  We now have Classroom Engagement Solutions (CES) such as eGlass, Hover Cam document cameras, and more.

DMG Safety, DMG Cleaning, DMG Classroom…we are proud to recommend products and services that we have personally researched and recommend to you as a “best-in-class” solution.



Drivemind safety security bolostick classroom teacher principal app mobile coding stem steam


We are committed to researching, and bringing to your organization the safety solutions that will  keep you and your students, staff, employees and customers safe. We have researched countless products in specific categories and believe we have truly found, the “Best of the Best.”


The unseen world of pathogens, microbes, virus, and germs is a safety area that many of us do not consider a concern until it is too late.  NO MORE!  We provide a service model to disinfect and apply an anti-microbial sealant to all your surface areas.

If you prefer your team to do the work, we have a full line of Sustainable and Green Solutions that are EPA, FDA and NSF approved.


The world of AI and Robotics is upon us. Preparing students for the future with learning skills and knowledge that translate to real-world opportunities and success is critical in the ever changing workplace. We’ve helped many schools get their STEM programs up and running with top of the line resources, curriculum, and support.

DMG Classroom also provides solutions for Classroom Engagement Strategies (CES).  eGlass, Hover Cam document cameras, Presentation Podiums and more have now been added to our line-up.