Consultative and Professional Services Offerings

CERC3’s principal consultant is a senior emergency management and crisis/risk communications expert with extensive experience in risk management, facility security, emergency response planning, crisis and risk communication strategy development, communications system gap analysis, emergency notification requirements development, system design and implementation, and information security.

Emergency & Risk Communications AssessmentAssessments are often ideal for those organizations whom are beginning the process of identifying facility security and emergency notification system requirements. Similarly, organizations with existing systems who are looking to increase the system’s maturity by increasing its reach, integrating new and existing systems, adding emerging notification modalities, or seeking to integrate system use in organization plans and processes fully may also benefit from a formal assessment. CSERC3 tailors Emergency & Risk Communication Assessments to each customer’s need, but typically include:

Meet with the client organization’s Security Manager, Emergency Manager, Incident Management Team members, and other key stakeholders to discuss organization risk and security management, organization culture, and the organization’s day-to-day and crisis/risk communication strategies, capabilities, and procedures

Develop an understanding of risks and threats which may impact client security posture and how and what types of information (i.e., alerts and notifications) the organization communicates to stakeholders

Assess and document existing security systems and means of crisis communication

Identify and document integrated security and emergency notification wants and needs

Facility walk-thru and system observation

✓ Detailed report documenting results of the site-visit and quantifying recommendations to assist in meeting established requirements

Emergency Response and Crisis/RiskCommunication Plan ReviewClients often have Emergency Response Plans and supporting Crisis or Risk Communications Procedures in place to support them; however, there are often regulatory requirements or resource limitations which necessitate review by an impartial third-party. CSERC3 will work with you to determine the project’s scope then deploy its consultant to your location to meet with your team and review in-scope plans and materials. Utilizing an assessment checklist, the consultant will apply interview, manual inspection, and observation protocols to audit your organization’s Emergency Response and Crisis/Risk Communication Plans providing a written report of findings and recommendations.

Operational Policy and ProceduresDevelopmentIn some organizations, the introduction of a unified emergency notification system is a new and sometimes intimidating proposition. CSERC3 will deploy its senior consultant on-premise to work with your team to identify and understand organization requirements, operational capabilities, and limitations to formulate a Concept of Operations upon which you may base policies and procedures to support system integration into Emergency Response Plans, message mapping, process development, and system training for administrators, users, and alert notification recipients.

System Configuration and TrainingWhile many system configuration and aspects are easily addressed via remote collaborative sessions using tools such as GoToMeeting, CSERC3 provides customers the opportunity to leverage our expertise to facilitate the implementation of and training on your emergency notification system on-site with your team and to your specifications. On-site configuration and training often includes:

Alerting device configuration (not to be confused with installation)

Systems integration

Defining and applying message mapping to the system to ensure your alerts are ready for activation when you need them

✓ System testing

Administrator, User, and Recipient training customized to your system specifications

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