When schools work with DriveMind, they get the peace of mind that the products we offer are high quality, function seamlessly, and make schools better. We stand by not only the products that we offer, but the people behind them, too.

The Bolo Stick is a simple, affordable product that is designed to serve as a barricade in the event of a school emergency. It doesn’t require any electricity, wiring, or batteries, and best of all, it requires no staff training. The swift implementation of this tool secures a door against forces in excess of two tons, a much better option than slowly and laboriously stacking desks and chairs. In the event that every moment makes a difference in the safety of students, Bolo Stick is the ideal tool, and one that DriveMind highly recommends to schools.

For William Barna of Bolo Stick LLC, it became apparent that both his company and DriveMind shared the same core values. Barna says, “Both companies saw the need to emphasize school safety upgrades within educational facilities and focus on the main issue: [keeping] kids safe.” What’s more, DriveMind carefully considers all facets of the products it recommends, including price point, which made Bolo Stick an obvious match. It’s a quality product, offered affordably, that also fills a need in schools.

Barna is a 31-year law enforcement veteran (and still on duty!).

Bolo Stick was born out of a conversation with a principal during active shooter training for officers. Barna wondered how teachers were keeping doors shut and classrooms secure in the event of the emergency. This conversation sparked an idea in Barna to create something that could fortify a classroom door. Initially, he was looking to help local schools, but after some tweaking, it became clear that the Bolo Stick could serve schools and protect students nationwide.

DriveMind’s team of education experts and insiders provided insights that helped inform educational leaders about the benefits of Bolo Stick, helping get more schools on board, making more schools safer. Working toward the common goal of keeping students safe has strengthened both.

The partnership between Bolo Stick LLC and DriveMind allows for an exchange of knowledge on both sides. Barna says, “I am a firm believer in the fact that anyone can learn from anyone else.” His law enforcement and public safety background give him a unique perspective that schools can benefit from. Working with DriveMind helps Barna gain knowledge of the world of education, as well as builds a larger school safety foundation for the DriveMind team. This information exchange helps ensure that schools are benefiting from a combined expertise without having to do extra legwork vetting companies and products.

At DriveMind, we value the people behind the products we offer, and we’re proud to work with Barna and Bolo Stick LLC to keep students safe.