A classic example of a Rube Goldberg Machine™ is the children’s board game Mouse Trap. It’s an elaborate, complicated series of actions lined up to complete a simple task. In this case, it’s to catch a mouse in a trap, which we all know can be a lot more straightforward than the board game version.

Imagine trying your hand at building your very own Rube Goldberg Machine™! While it might sound easy, this year’s Goodyear STEM Competition requires students to use STEM principles to turn on a light that illuminates the GoodYear blimp. In actuality, no easy feat!

The all-girl team of 10th-12th graders from Lake Local Schools has spent over 400 hours prepping, working and re-working, practicing, and readying their Rube Goldberg Machine™. The team of 12 led by captain Alex Xuan has designed a replica of the city of Akron that will complete the task of illuminating the blimp.

Career Tech Prep teacher Frank Pilato says, “The team members learned valuable lessons including teamwork, planning, management, budgeting, engineering, and much more.” This dedicated group has submitted a video of their machine in action, and they’ll find out on April 6 at Goodyear’s STEM Career Day at the University of Akron how their incredible work fares against other competitors’.

This year’s Lake Local Schools team was sponsored by DriveMind. “We are more than ecstatic to help the Lake STEM team this year. Frank and his students have been doing some amazing work, and it shows. We are excited to sponsor their first all girls team in this year’s Goodyear STEM Competition.” Say JR Suppes, President of the DriveMind Group. “In keeping with our dedication to STEM education, robotics and coding literacy and to helping schools build their STEM program, we’re proud to be able to help give this team a rewarding, enriching, and unforgettable experience.”

Check back here for updates on Career Day and the team!