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This day and age, safety and security has become as important an issue as what and how students are learning in schools. Maybe you’re at a school that has been starting to implement security measures; maybe you’re at a school that’s trying to figure out where to start. Regardless of where you are in the process of ensuring a safe and secure school, DriveMind is here to help with its Four Pillars of Safety and Security.

Alertus, Threat Extinguisher, Bolo Stick, and SchoolSafeID: these products are designed to work seamlessly together to cover everything from a building’s physical security to mass notifications.

Alertus Enhanced Notification System works seamlessly with a school’s existing infrastructure, partnering with other technologies like desktop computers, digital signage, PA systems, fire alarm panels, speakers, and VoIP phones to communicate quickly, consistently, and effectively. This means that with a simple tap of a button, school officials can reach students and staff instantly to notify them of an active shooter, severe weather issue, and can even send other more mundane announcements.

When the Threat Extinguisher’s canister is removed from its base, a 108-decibel alarm alerts those nearby of a threat while simultaneously alerting–via texts and emails–designated staff, including resource officers and on-site security. When activated, the Threat Extinguisher System will deploy the Alertus Emergency Notification System.

The Bolo Stick is a simple, affordable product that is designed to serve as a barricade in the event of a school emergency. It doesn’t require any electricity, wiring, or batteries, and best of all, it requires no staff training. The swift implementation of this tool secures a door against forces in excess of two tons, a much better option than slowly and laboriously stacking desks and chairs.

SchoolSafeID is a visitor management systems for schools. Using cloud-based identification software, it generates printable ID cards for visitors. In addition, it screens each visitor against the registered sex offender database in all fifty states, and can also screen against a custom database created by the school. SchoolSafeID also provides record keeping of all individuals who have entered the school and can even create specific reports.

Why all four of these and not just one? DriveMind Vice President and Operations of Safety and Security Jim Bostic says, “School safety solutions must be layered. There is not one solution that will secure your campus, we believe at minimum, these four pillars will give you the foundation for a safe and secure campus.” A threat to a school’s security is potentially multi-faceted. There is not just one source alone. Having these four products working together in a school can both head off an emergency situation and can also help in the tragic event that there is one.

To learn more about demos, pricing, and how to get these four pillars in your school, contact DriveMind today, and one of our experts will help you get started and get secure.