NORTH CANTON, OH, December 4 – The DriveMind Group donates $8,800 in hand-held tools to Hoover High School’s Career Tech Program in North Canton City Schools. The donation includes items from table saws to supplies like wood glue. Students will be using these tools in the construction technology program run by a teacher with over twenty years of construction experience.

JR Suppes, President of the DriveMind Group says, “We are passionate about career technology. As a local organization, we were eager to have an opportunity to give back to North Canton City Schools, while helping build and prepare students for the future.”

The construction technology program is a three-year program with over eighty participants. Students who complete the program can earn a credential to help with an apprenticeship. Associate Principal Mr. Robert White says, “We appreciate the sponsorship for the construction technology program. It has allowed students to have a richer experience in the class.”

Students learn the basic principles of safety, construction math, power tool operation, blueprint reading and more in the intro course. They describe the program as “fun” and “hands-on,” a departure from a traditional classroom setting. These practical skills serve students already looking to their future careers. This goal is one the DriveMind Group is proud to support and help realize.

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