hour of code robotics

Just think: all it could take to spark a student’s interest is just one hour. One hour of robotics, one hour of coding, one hour of exploring the world of computer science. One hour could expose students to experiences they’ve never had before.

At the DriveMind Group, we’re hosting free “Hour of Code™” programs in schools. The “Hour of Code™” started out as (you guessed it!) an hour-long introduction to computer science with the intention of making the field accessible and approachable to everyone. It has since become a grassroots, world-wide celebration of the world of computer science.

In the last thirty days alone, DriveMind’s STEM Coordinator, Jackie Davis has been to fifteen schools for the “Hour of Code™”. These free programs help students try out one of the robotics platforms we offer. This is the best way to see what students are drawn to, how easy the programs can be to integrate into your existing curriculum, and how fun and engaging it is! Did we mention that it’s completely free?

Feeling like you don’t know everything about robotics? No problem! It’s not at all necessary to be a computer science or robotics expert to host an hour of code or use robots in class. Students themselves really grab onto the technology and take ownership of their learning.

Wondering if you need a special degree or certification to run these programs? You don’t! Teachers already have all the tools they need to implement STEM programming in their classrooms. A passion for equipping students with knowledge of technology takes you far!

Not sure how to incorporate robotics, coding, and other computer sciences in everyday subjects? The curriculum for our robotic platforms is available for free online; it’s completely accessible! One tried-and-true way to incorporate something like robotics or gaming is to make it into a game. Take a topic and have students invent a game around it. Let them “gamify” your classroom!

If you’re still feeling hesitant, we’re here to help. Host a free “Hour of Code™” program. Talk to our experienced staff. We’ll get you set up with all of the tools you need to successfully implement high-quality, engaging, potentially life changing STEM education in your classroom. Teachers know better than anyone what an impact just one hour can make on a student’s life.