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Following last year’s record-breaking flu season, cleanliness has become a high priority health and safety issue for schools. The potential of a scary flu outbreak is in addition to the viruses and bacteria students and staff fight off constantly like the highly-contagious norovirus, staph infections, and even the common cold. Here’s another scary statistic to consider: disinfecting surfaces manually by using sprays and wiping only gets them 35% clean.


Educators know well the setbacks that can occur when a student is chronically absent from school. Perpetually missing out on classes can add up to serious consequences. Illnesses and teachers missing school cost schools money, disrupt personal lives, and can affect teacher satisfaction and retention. No one wants to send their child to a school with a reputation for constant sicknesses, and quality teachers certainly don’t want to work there.

The DriveMind Group can help your school avoid these issues by ensuring that it is as clean and healthy as it can be with products that can get surfaces up to 100% clean, using EPA-validated, no-touch disinfection methods.

Here are a few of the incredible products we offer:

  • The affordable Halo Disinfection System provides an even, uniform clean throughout the classroom and provides a 99.9999% kill rate of C. difficile spores.
  • The Aquaox Cleaning System is an effective, safe, organic, biodegradable cleaning and sanitizing solution that is perfect for use in schools and athletic facilities. Applied by Electrostatic Sprayers (ESS), Aquaox provides 3 different products that can be utilized, depending on need. The products have no known resistance and provide 99.99% kill rates for germs and microbes.
  • The Penetrexx Anti-Microbial Surface Shield provides a protective antimicrobial shield on a treated surface for 30 days. Penetrexx has already been used by NFL facilities and NCAA football and wrestling facilities in addition to high schools.
  • Electrostatic Spraying started in the agriculture field and is the process of electrically charging the cleaning solution’s liquid droplets so they immediately adhere to surface areas and create a superior, 360 degree coverage. This is the most effective way to apply a liquid without waste, while providing a clean environment with less exposure to chemicals.

Take a proactive approach to the cleanliness of your school. Reduce absenteeism, protect staff and student health, and reduce waste of supplies and manpower by cutting out an inefficient and ineffective cleaning process. At the DriveMind Group, we’re committed to school safety in all its facets, and we’re eager to help your school improve health outcomes by maintaining a squeaky clean facility.