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The DriveMind  Group offers a large line of Infection Control products and service options.
Every day, you’re tasked to do more with less. We are here to help.

Let us help you provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone in your care.

We help YOU kill cold, flu and other dangerous pathogens in your gym, office, and school. It’s safe, proven, and cost effective.

Unlike traditional cleaning methods, our industry leading system disinfects and sterilizes the spaces you encounter daily. We bring to you a Mechanical Kill v. Chemical Kill solution.  Our service will not leave a thing behind except for your peace of mind.

We are your Infection Prevention Experts.

We can serve you by disinfecting ANY space in your organization by eliminating 99.999% of germs on any surface space, AND we can also prevent them from coming back for up to 90 days.  Call us today for details at 330.614.7902.

What makes The DriveMind Group different?

  • We create a Healthy Environment & Reduce Infection Rates
  • We only use Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive solutions that are Safe for Humans, Safe for Pets, and Safe for the Environment
  • Everything we use kills 99.999% of Germs, Bacteria, & Viruses with No Chemical Poisons
  • Disinfects Pollens, Allergens, Dander, Mildew, Mold, Spores, etc.
  • We only use EPA Registered Products, NSF Certified Safe for Food Surfaces
  • Everything we use is an advanced clean technology to Prevent Germ Growth for up to 90 Days
  • Our methods focus on Mechanical Kill of contaminates, not a Chemical Kill as most cleaning agents in use today

Save Time + Money

Not only has The DriveMind Group been doing this since 2018, we have partnered with others who have been in the industry for 45 years. Our application system uses up to 65% less chemicals to cover and disinfect the same area, saving you both time and money.

  • Nearly 22 million school days are lost annually to the common cold
  • Nearly 38 million school days are lost annually to influenza
  • Teachers average 5.3 absent days per year
  • Students average 4.5 absent days per year




Maintaining clean surfaces is critical to a healthy environment, but all the time and money invested in spray and wipe cleaning is not going to provide the protection we need from harmful pathogens. Ask yourself, “Do I clean for Health, or do I clean for Appearance?”

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We can serve to disinfect your office and eliminate 99.999% of germs, but we can also prevent them from coming back for up to 90 days.  Request a free quote or consultation today.