This year’s Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) Capital Conference and Trade Show took place from November 11-13, and gave many of DriveMind Group’s vendors a chance to interact with schools all together in one place. The purpose of the conference is to help school districts “improve student learning and achievement.” A mission quite closely aligned with DriveMind’s own!

At the conference, DriveMind Group was alongside Alertus, Threat Extinguisher, Bolo Stick, schoolSAFEid, and Select Security to meet school leadership and get started on the important work of securing schools and students. DriveMind alone has worked with over sixty different schools on their safety and security including North Canton, Jackson Local, Lake Local, Alliance City Schools, and Barberton City Schools. The total reach is even larger given all of the different vendors and the other schools with which they’re working. What’s wonderful–and crucial–about this work is that all of these companies and organizations are coming together with the shared goal of helping school districts.

Going one step further, Alertus and Threat Extinguisher have partnered so that their two systems work together. The Threat Extinguisher activates notifications to designated school staff and sounds an alarm immediately upon activation, while Alertus sends mass emergency notifications. Having these two products working in harmony means that action and information can happen almost instantly and at the same time.

“Threat Extinguisher is proud to be part of the DriveMind Shield, a group of products that has the same goal to keep schools safe. They promote great products we believe in and help tell the story of how they work together to provide a stronger solution when we work together.” –Sam Fasone, CEO

In September, Attorney General Mike DeWine announced that he is giving $12 million in grants to help enhance safety and security at schools across the state. This means that all of Ohio’s public schools, among others, will receive approximately $2,500 to spend on safety programs and training. As a result, at the OSBA conference, there was a heightened interested in safety and security, something that the DriveMind Group is uniquely equipped to help with.

The DriveMind Group looks forward to opportunities to participate in conferences where we are face-to-face with schools and vendors. Our goal is to streamline processes and access for schools and students. The more reach we have, the more students we can positively impact. We’re already looking forward to the next conference!