Tell students that they’re going to get to build robots? They’re beyond excited. Tell teachers they’re going to teach their students how to build robots? A little reluctant at first, but with the EZ-Robots Robotics Lab, they’re beyond excited!

Really, it’s all in the name; they’re easy. Just ask Frank Pilato, Career Tech Prep Teacher at Lake Local Schools in Uniontown, Ohio. He worked with DriveMind’s President, JR Suppes, and Director of Information Technology, Jackie Davis to get the Lab up and running at his school. Aside from the fact that the Robotics Lab comes with everything you need to build a robot (down to the spare batteries and battery chargers!), schools also get 5 hours of complimentary one-on-one training and a self-directed curriculum that includes 40+ lessons and starts right at zero robotics knowledge. This provides schools and teachers with the confidence they need to engage and challenge their students.

When asked why other schools should purchase the robots, Mr Pilato says, “The learning experience is amazing, and the endless things [students] can do with them have been so much fun.”

But you don’t have to take Mr Pilato’s word for it. Just ask Lake Local students Kyle, Alex, and Cameron. What are some of the coolest things they’ve done with the robots? They taught them how to play red light, green light, moving when they see a green light and stopping when they see red. They programmed another to recognize emotions and speak what emotion it’s seeing; this is essentially facial recognition! These are some incredible, enriching learning experiences for students, a complete enhancement of the traditional educational foundation they’re already receiving.

Of course, there are a slew of other programmable robots out there, so what makes the EZ-Robot Lab stand out? Mr Pilato says that compared with other programs they’ve used like LEGO Mindstorms, the EZ-Robots offer so much more. While it takes time to learn any new platform, Mr Pilato says that the online resources that come with the Lab have allowed them to move quickly with it. This is reassuring to teachers and administrators alike who want to invest in high quality technology, but don’t want it to be withering away on a shelf while teachers need endless hours of training and support before even getting it up and running.

Still not convinced? DriveMind offers a free demonstration of the EZ-Robot Robotics Lab. See firsthand everything that your students will be able to achieve, not to mention how easy it is to teach!

What’s more, there’s something for everyone, meeting students and teachers right where they are. Students Kyle and Alex really like the robot JD because it can interact with its surroundings and is capable of facial recognition. Cameron, however, prefers the Six because it reminds him of a battle bot. Learning is often at its best and most effective when students explore, experiment, and play, which is exactly what the EZ-Robot Robotics Lab provides. No intimidation, just educational fun.