hour of code robotics

Hour of Code

Just think: all it could take to spark a student’s interest is just one hour. One hour of robotics, one hour of coding, one hour of exploring the world of computer science. One hour could expose students to experiences they’ve never had before. At the DriveMind Group, we’re hosting free “Hour of Code™” programs in […]

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Are you earning up to 100% with your fundraiser? Stress free fundraising for your organization.

You remember it well: giant phone-book-sized coupon books that schools sold as fundraisers. These massive books were popular, though, for a reason. For one flat fee, you had access to hundreds of dollars in savings. Although, there was one problem. You had to actually have foresight enough to search through the book for a coupon […]

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North Baltimore Evacuated in less than 30 Seconds.

Emergency Notification for Schools with a Quick Tap of a Button: Utilizing Alertus at North Baltimore Local Schools School safety is top of mind for all parents, school staff, and students. “Shooter drills” are becoming as routine as fire drills. The anxiety of a serious incident at a school weighs on everyone. This is exactly […]

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health clean surface germ free

How clean is clean?

Following last year’s record-breaking flu season, cleanliness has become a high priority health and safety issue for schools. The potential of a scary flu outbreak is in addition to the viruses and bacteria students and staff fight off constantly like the highly-contagious norovirus, staph infections, and even the common cold. Here’s another scary statistic to […]

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Stark County Schools Implement New Products to Help Increase School Safety and Communication

School safety is one of the top concerns of today’s administrators. Two Stark County schools – North Canton City Schools and Lake Local Schools – are committed to finding additional ways to bring peace of mind for parents and teachers in their districts and are implementing products that can help to make their schools safer. […]

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The DriveMind Group Donates Over $8,000 in Power Tools, Supplies to Hoover High School

NORTH CANTON, OH, December 4 – The DriveMind Group donates $8,800 in hand-held tools to Hoover High School’s Career Tech Program in North Canton City Schools. The donation includes items from table saws to supplies like wood glue. Students will be using these tools in the construction technology program run by a teacher with over […]

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