Emergency Notification for Schools with a Quick Tap of a Button: Utilizing Alertus at North Baltimore Local Schools

School safety is top of mind for all parents, school staff, and students. “Shooter drills” are becoming as routine as fire drills. The anxiety of a serious incident at a school weighs on everyone. This is exactly why leveraging the incredible technological advances in school safety that DriveMind can provide is absolutely crucial. Tools like the Alertus Enhanced Notification System help relieve some of the worry that we all feel about school safety.

Just ask Ryan Delaney, the Superintendent of North Baltimore Local Schools in North Baltimore, Ohio. His school recently set up the Alertus system, and their first drill produced incredible–almost unbelievable–results.

Alertus Enhanced Notification System works seamlessly with a school’s existing infrastructure, partnering with other technologies like desktop computers, digital signage, PA systems, fire alarm panels, speakers, and VoIP phones to communicate quickly, consistently, and effectively. This means that with a simple tap of a button, school officials can reach students and staff instantly to notify them of an active shooter, severe weather issue, and can even send other more mundane announcements.

Delaney ran a drill at his school with the Regional Director of Homeland Security on hand along with other top safety officials from Wood County. From the parking lot, Delaney opened the Alertus app on his phone, selected the emergency message, tapped the button, and in under 30 seconds, the entire building of nearly 300 students was evacuated. The Homeland Security Regional Director was stunned.

Prior to setting up Alertus, Delaney explained that the school would use a basic PA system for emergency evacuations. The lag time between realizing there is an incident, communicating it to someone, and having them get it over the PA is far longer than the swiftness of sending an alert with the tap of a button.

At North Baltimore Local Schools, approximately five staff members have the ability to send out notifications via Alertus. To other superintendents, Delaney would say, “To be honest, you might not have time to get to your PA. The Alertus button alone would save numerous lives. I did this drill from my phone, and everyone has their phone on them.” He called the drill “perfect,” explaining that really nothing went wrong. “The flashing of the Alertus system itself let everyone know. There was no panic; it ran smoothly,” Delaney said.

The seamless integration and access to instant notification makes utilizing the Alertus system a no-brainer. It provides school officials with the confidence that they would be able to notify everyone swiftly in the event of an emergency, and beyond that, enables them to continue to communicate throughout a drill or incident. Every second counts when there is a crisis, and Alertus provides schools with the most time possible to get everyone to safety. To find out more about using this incredible tool at your school, contact the DriveMind Group’s expert team today.