The Power of Three

The Power of Three is a trademarked, disinfecting concept created by DriveMind, that integrates the following three solutions:  Tersano Technology to create Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO), MyShield Hospital Grade Disinfectant WITH an Antimicrobial Surface Sealant, and an Electrostatic Sprayer to apply both solutions.

How does The Power of Three Work?

We believe that the SAO, Stabilized Aqueous Ozone, should be used as your daily disinfectant, sanitizing, cleaning and deodorizing solution.  This ONE PRODUCT will allow you to discontinue the use of 95% of all your other cleaning solutions…glass cleaner, carpet cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, etc….GONE!  The only additional cleaner you will need is for heavy grease (yes we have a solution here too)!  This product is Baby Safe, Pet Safe, and Food Safe…it is water that has been changed at a molecular level to create H2O3…a perfect killing agent!

Remember, that even if we disinfect and sanitize every day, contamination is just a sneeze or nose wipe away.  Therefore, the “game changer” is MyShield.  This is a hospital grade disinfectant that also seals a surface with a “bed of nails” or “bed of spikes” that will pierce a microbes cell wall and kill it instantly!  This solution stays on the surface a minimum of 28-30 days (or more depending on the surface use) and only breaks down with friction!

Finally, the BEST way to apply any cleaning solution (provided you make sure you can do this) is with an electrostatic sprayer.  Why?  Electrostatic sprayers were brought to the cleaning industry from the world of agriculture.  It was important that pesticides “wrapped” around a plant stem and found it’s way to the underside of the leaf; cleaning is no different.  An ES unit provides 360 degree coverage, it saves you money in solution and time.  Ask us about our case study as we took on three local custodians in a “Clean the Room” Challenge!  (Hint:  We Win!)

Get the Power of Three for your facilities today!

Creates a Safe and Healthy Environment

NO Chemicals to Sanitize and Disinfect

Financially Friendly

Power of THREE Products

Service or Direct Sales…You Decide

DriveMind has the ability to come to your location and service all your disinfecting and sanitizing needs.  Do it yourself?  No problem.  We sell the same technology and solutions that we use in our service model so your team can take care of your facilities on a daily basis!