The Awareity Butterfly Effect

Are you ready to do your part in changing the world forever?

We believe in making the world safer by questioning status quo thinking and giving Good People the advantage over evil doers.

At Awareity, we are on a mission to prevent incidents and make the world safer with a Butterfly, knowledge, action, and helping clients connect the dots. Join us by filling out the form below!

Scientific Theory: The Butterfly Effect involves a single incident, no matter how small, that can change the course of the universe forever.

Awareity Theory: The Butterfly Effect involves a single incident report of a concerning behavior, suspicious activity, or social media comment, no matter how small. That pre-incident indicator can be the piece of the puzzle that saves lives, reputations, bottom lines, and changes the world forever.


Gap Analysis

Why is PREVENTING so important to your organization and your community? Because most incidents, lawsuits, fines, and tragedies were preventable. We’ve done the research for you and the post-event data is overwhelming, the first place to start to achieve prevention is with a risk assessment and threat assessment!

Awareity’s Gap Analysis is very different from more common Security Assessments. It was created to help you and your organization or community identify the potential risks, gaps, and disconnects within your organization or community that could lead to costly incidents and tragedies and allow risks and threats to escalate without appropriate intervention and prevention actions.


The Awareity Butterfly Effect from Awareity on Vimeo.