Bolo Stick: Door Barricade Unit


The Bolo Stick door reinforcement has been independently tested and rated to resist forces in excess of 4,200 pounds, that’s more than 2 tons! Solid steel components make Bolo Stick an unbeatable force in keeping out active classroom threats or home intruders.

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Description reports that there have already been 34 mass shootings in 2018 – including the recent Parkland, FL, school rampage where 17 students lost their lives. In 2017, there was a total of 346 – that’s almost as many mass shootings as there were days of the year.

The Bolo Stick solves one of the biggest problems facing the nation today—violence in schools and the workplace. It works off of a round-peg-round-hole philosophy, and it is free of electrical and mechanical components. The Bolo Stick lockdown device can be deployed under the most stressful of situations, and by anyone at any age. There is no specialized information or training needed, making this the simplest and most effective form of classroom barricade security devices, essential equipment for the L (lockdown) in ALICE training.


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