CAPSOL® monitors structured and unstructured data feeds from open sources such as:

  • E-MAIL
  • and other customer defined data inputs

The data is then displayed on a vicinity map, or heat map, showing the threat level potential and location, and the rules engine starts customer defined processes to mitigate.

Social media companies specifically limit personal information making it very difficult, if not impossible, to monitor activity for threats of harm to oneself or others. Although information can be read when listed as public, providing that information to law enforcement or others serving the public is specifically limited.


Students for Safety™ (S4S)

is a mobile platform allowing students the ability to provide real time information regarding real or perceived threats. When coupled with information learned from Social Media, the threat can be further defined and the ability to identify the individual or individuals involved in the potential threat is increased. Information from the student can be anonymized to reduce the risk of retaliation against the reporting individual. In addition, an anonymous chat feature is provided so students can instantly chat to provide additional information or ask for help.


Faculty for Safety™ (F4S)

is an additional mobile platform geared for teachers and staff. F4S allows the user the ability to provide real time reporting information of threats or concerns. Information is gathered and processed by CAPSOL’s rules engine to validate the threat and identify the person or people involved. Additionally, F4S provides a location for teachers and staff to record suspicious activity that, over time, can be used to identify a potential threat. Chat is provided on the F4S mobile platform to allow instant communication with the facility administrator.