Smart Dismissal by SSID

We hope that this, typically chaotic, time of day becomes quicker and more efficient while keeping your students safe. Please find below what we believe is the best way to implement Car Rider Plus.


Smart Dismissal Implementation:

Step 1 – Order the number of hang tag sheets that your school needs for student car riders. Each sheet will include 2 mirror hang tags and 3 student backpack tags.

Step 2 – Distribute the hang tag sheets to families/ guardians of students being picked up. You will want
everyone that receives a hang tag to register their student/family hang tag number on the day of distribution or at least before they try to pick up their student. The registration website can be found on the back of the hang tag by entering the website address or scanning the QR code with their mobile device. The parent/guardian will need to have the school number
we assigned to your school and the school issued student ID number to finalize the registration process.

Step 3 – Once everyone has registered their student’s hang tag number, then you will want to verify and approve each guardian registration. This can only be done by someone within the school that has credentials to the backend of School Safe ID. Each registration will be marked inactive until approved by the school.

Step 4 – Select the Car Rider tab within School Safe ID software. Then, select the settings button that is highlighted in red in this image. You will need to label the pick up area(s) on campus. These locations will be labeled where the car entry teacher will be responsible for entering car hang tag numbers. Don’t forget to save your changes before proceeding.

Step 5 – if you have any students that need more attention when being picked up, you can flag these students within their individual student record. This can be found under the students tab. Select the student that you would like to flag and enter the the information in the highlighted red area. Don’t forget to save your changes.

Step 6 – You are now ready to start entering hang tag numbers from your web enabled device in the parent pick up line. The car rider helper that is typically in the parking lot calling out names, will now select the car entry button within the car rider tab on their mobile device. The 2nd picture below is the car entry view where the car caller will enter the tag number displayed in the mirror of the first vehicle. This information is displayed instantly on any monitor/tablet/projection screen inside the school building where the car rider students are housed after school. The student dismissal teacher will have the student dismissal screen on their mobile device/tablet to select the necessary action next to the student’s name. This student dismissal screen is only intended to be seen by a teacher or car rider helper that is helping dismiss the students. This the also the screen where a flagged student will be highlighted in pink. If you select the name of the student, then a pop up will appear explaining the concern.