Dash/Cue mobile Storage and Charging


The Dash/Cue mobile storage and charging solution houses up to 8 Dash or Cue robots and with its light weight design can be utilized for all your mobile needs. Without the need for any new cables or power cords the unit is ready for use out-of-the-box! Equipped with a fast charger and protective foam, your robots will be securely stored and ready for action in a heart beat.


Dash/Cue Bins Features

  • Locking handles for travel
  • Storage bins are light enough to be carried by one individual
  • Impact foam insert
  • Integrated rapid charging system
  • Easy access to the power button on each robot when they are stored
  • Robot name/label is clearly visible on the back with the robots stored
  • Robot placement allows user visual check that all robots are put back after an activity is complete

Dash/Cue Charge System

  • Fast charger
  • 100 Watts (2.5 Amp x 8 Dash/Cue)
  • Charges 8 Dash/Cue Robots simultaneously from zero to full charge in one hour.