80% Profit Fundraising App: Daily Ding™

School fundraising for the 21st century. App-based fundraiser, no more coupon books.

You sell it, and you keep it! Your organization will keep 80% of proceeds collected on DAILY DING™ card sales with the ability to get following year auto-renewal revenue.




The School Keeps 80% of the Proceeds from Activated Users!

DAILY DING™ was founded to help local school communities and businesses connect through online and app based technology, while at the same providing schools with a platform to help raise money! Let DAILY DING™ help you raise money for special projects like: Technology & STEM, Music & Arts, Play Grounds & Exercise Equipment, Sports & Extra Curricular Activities, Field Trips & More! One time setup fee does apply.

You sell it, and you keep it! Your school will keep 80% of Account Activations that your school signs up. Local parents, relatives and community members will get annual access to unlimited online coupons and special offers from our DAILY DING™ community business partners. – Activated User Account: $10 to $20 per year (based on school market).

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