Don’t Miss The Bus

Students, Parents & Districts can now rest assured that their buses are being tracked with precision, with Don’t Miss The Bus by Mobil Trackr™.

Increase your district’s safety with this easy-to-use platform and app that provides accurate bus tracking for driver pay, drivers violations, parents piece of mind and most importantly student safety.



With Don’t Miss The Bus by Mobil Trackr™ students no longer need to stand in the cold rain waiting for the bus to arrive. With a simple-to-use app installed on iPhone/Android students and parents can track the approximate time their bus will arrive in the morning and drop their student off after school.


Highlights include:

  • Administrative Portal & Dashboard
  • Administrative Mobile App
  • Live Fleet Views & Tracking, 24/7
  • Trip History & Statistics
  • Driver & Fleet Monitor Notifications
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Customized Driver Groups
  • Mobile App for Students & Parents
  • And More!

Includes hardware, software & data service for year one


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