Health & Wellness Program

In partnership with Envision, the DriveMind Group is changing lives in our community and steering our culture to a sustained lifestyle of physical, mental, and social well being.

The problem

In all aspects of American culture, including businesses and schools, poor health and subsequent costs are creating an unsustainable economic environment. At present the average employee costs $10,000 per person per year in medical costs. 80% of that cost is to treat diseases directly attributed to lifestyle choices i.e heart disease, diabetes, stroke and high stress. This spending is equal to 18% of our total GDP, now contrast that with our 3.5% spending on military and defense (the highest in the world).


Why does a wellness program make sense for our school districts

1. School faculty and staff are among the highest stress jobs in the country and absenteeism is one of the largest costs for schools ($300,000 average). 40% of absenteeism is due to the conditions described earlier with poor lifestyle choices.

2. Staff needs stress and health management. School faculty are average to high in national averages for chronic diseases.

3. School staff are like family and participation and success rates are higher because of this.

4. Wellness team management and leadership keep participants on a path to success. 5. School wellness programs infect the community: when teachers are healthier, happier, and less stressed the learning environment becomes more positive and productive.