Mobile App Development: Mad-learn

Creating Student ‘APPRENEURS’
MAD-learn’s Mobile App Development program uses the Design Thinking Process to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s careers.
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Cost: Annual licenses and professional development for program; free demo may be scheduled.


MAD-learn is a powerful, design-based mobile app development program for students in grades 3-12, building vital and transferable skills.

MAD-learn gives students a powerful tool to easily build content-rich, dynamic mobile apps as a means of solving problems, building entrepreneurial skills, and sharing ideas, while making the concept of app building more accessible to a broader range of students. Apps can be created with or without coding skills, and students become empowered, creative, and effective global digital citizens.

How is MAD-learn different from other coding programs?

MAD-learn is NOT a coding tool. Our focus is to garner the interest of 100% of students (as opposed to just 10-20%) in understanding the overall process of product development. Our company has entrepreneurs, marketers, product strategists, designers, coders, testers, sales and support people, and many more critical functional areas. With MAD-learn we expose students to all of these kinds of roles, not just coding – so they can truly have passion-driven career choices long term.

Is MAD-learn appropriate for students of different ages and levels?

MAD-learn is most appropriate for students in grade levels 3-12. Depending on the focus of a specific class, our program can be implemented in numerous ways to fit the needs of any classroom. Give us a call to learn how to best implement MAD-learn for your students.

Can teachers who aren’t technology specialists use MAD-learn?

YES! We built MAD-learn specifically so that any teacher, in any classroom can use app development as a project-based learning tool, an artifact of understanding for a module, a group collaboration, a quick experience or an in depth experience. MAD-learn enables every teacher to be engaging and relevant for students in today’s 21st Century environment.


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