MyShield A 
Disinfectant AND Antimicrobial 2-in-1 Solution

We believe the MyShield is truly the “Game Changer”.  Think about disinfecting a surface…You apply your solution.  You wipe.  You let it try.  Someone walks in, sits down, and sneezes above the surface without covering.  Guess What?  That sneeze has just re-contaminated that surface.  NOT with MyShield.  A GREAT analogy, think of Scotch Guard for surfaces you don’t want contaminated.

MyShield kills and protects within 60 seconds if applied with an electrostatic spraying device.  Depending on the use of the surface, it could be protected for up to 90 days!

Another important attribute of MyShield is that it is a Mechanical Killing Solution, NOT a Chemical Killing Solution.  Ask us about Swords and Poisons!

MyShield is Kid Safe, Pet Safe, and Food Prep Safe.



  • Hospital Grade Disinfectant (Log 6 Kill = 99.9999%)

  • Has the Ability to Seal a Surface for a Minimum of 30 Days

  • One Solution – Two purposes:  Disinfect AND Seal the Surface

  • Apply Every 30 days

  • Kid Safe, Pet Safe, Food Prep Safe

  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Sheet Available Upon Request