The Complete Roadmap to Learning to Code
RoboGarden offers a complete, game-based suite to teach coding from beginner to professional level.

This is an easy to understand, hands-on educational app where students take part in active learning. Fully equipped to teach coding literacy from scratch, RoboGarden reduces the need for a tech-savvy teacher.

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Students start out with RoboGarden using a drag-and-drop Blockly interface, and as their skills improve, they can move to programming real-world languages like Java and Python.The lessons are self-directed so that students can work at their own pace, with guidance from their  teachers or parents – who don’t need any prior programming experience.  The software is providing expert teaching, so the teachers don’t need to.

Programming has historically been a difficult subject for parents of home-schooled children.  Simply put, it can be hard to teach programming, when you’re not a programmer yourself. Our solution is a comprehensive programming education, for children from kindergarten through grade 9.

Class setups are also available for teachers looking to get their students into programming, but who aren’t really sure what they want to do.

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