schoolSAFEid: Visitor Management Systems


  • 1 Kiosk Hardware Kit
  • 1 Roll of Badge Labels (300 labels)
  • Annual Software License (one year included)

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This visitor management systems for K-12 schools is a cloud-based identification software that generates printable ID cards. As a result of the growing demand for innovative technologies, this helps keep schools safe, as well as to assist school districts in efficiently producing the photo IDs worn by students during school hours and while attending after-school activities.


Instant Screening

Each and every visitor is instantly screened against the registered sex offender databases in all fifty states.

Custom Databases

schoolSAFEid can check visitors against custom databases set by each school which can contain custody alerts and/or banned visitors.

Accurate Records

schoolSAFEid soltware ensures that accurate and reliable records are kept tor every visitor that enters your school, every day.

Efficient Reporting

schoolSAFEid Visitor Management System can quickly and easily create reports tor individual schools or entire districts.

Fully Web Based

Even in an evacuation scenario. you can log into from any device with an internet connection and see who is in your building.

Unlimited Users

Every school and/or district can create unlimited users to access the schoolSAFEid cloud software.

School Portrait Integration

schoolSAFEid is the only visitor management software that can easily integrate your school picture headshots (yearbook photos) and student id’s tor accurate tardy badge printing. schoolSAFEid can also produce pvc id cards for students.

Self Service Kiosks

schoolSAFEid Is a self service kiosk that allows visitor and students to scan their own drivers license, state issued id, or student id. The kiosk also captures a picture at the visitor and prints a portrait badge within seconds at being signed in.



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