The Complete Robotics Lab: 15 Robots


Our Robotics Lab comes complete with:

  • 5 Humanoids
  • 5 Rovers
  • 5 Hexapods
  • 4 Hours of Online Training and Support from Dennis Kambeitz
  • Self-Directed “Introduction to Robotics” Curriculum
  • 20 Lever Servos
  • 5 HDD Servos
  • 4 Micro Servos
  • 6 Spare Batteries
  • 20 Extension Cubes
  • 20 Extension Blocks
  • 10 Adapter Plates
  • 4 Spare Battery Chargers
  • 20 Extension Wires
  • 4 Replacement Pegs
  • 6 Replacement Lever Servo U Brackets
  • 5 Ultrasonic Distance Sensors
  • On Premise Setup and Configuration



Our Robotics Lab comes complete with: 5 Humanoids, 5 Rovers, 5 Hexapods, 5 hours of training, our self-directed “Introduction to Robotics” curriculum, 10 spare servos, 5 spare batteries, and a collection of EZ-Bits, allowing your students to innovate and create their own robotic designs and applications.

To ensure that you have a a successful program, we’re happy to include 5 hours of complimentary one-on-one training. In the training, you’ll learn how we’re able to inspire and super-engage your students. We’ve demonstrated robotics to more than 10,000 students, and following our presentation, 90% of all students want to learn robotics (including traditional style programming).

The Robotics Lab also includes an “Introduction to Robotics” curriculum that includes 40+ lessons – taking your students from zero robotics knowledge, all the way up to understanding what artificial intelligence is.

Taught in context of the real-world, students explore robotics in the real world, and program their robots to perform complex tasks like facial recognition.

Best of all, the curriculum is self-directed, meaning that your teachers don’t need to be roboticist or have any prior programming experience to successfully teach this course.

Anyone can do it!

Contact us for a free demonstration. You’ll be blown away by what your students will be able to achieve, and how easy it is to teach real-world robotics!

Simply put… there isn’t a better solution for bringing real-world robotics and programming to ALL your students.


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DriveMind Configuration

DriveMind Configuration


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