Stabilized Aqueous Ozone

¡Do You Remember OxiClean from the Infomercials?  Powder Form of SAO

¡100% Natural Toxic-Free Cleaning and Sanitizing

¡Simple, Safe and More Sustainable Way to Clean, Sanitize and Deodorize

¡SIMPLE:  On-Site, On-Demand,  All-In-One Solution, Eliminates the Need for Multiple Cleaning Products

¡SAFE:  100% Non-Toxic and Natural, No Fumes, No Residue, Safe for Human Contact, Reduces Slips and Falls

¡SUSTAINABLE:    Reduces Carbon Footprint, Eliminates Chemicals in the Drain, Stabilizers are Recycled

¡SAVINGS:  Increased productivity, Simplified Safety Training, Cost Savings: Labor, Equipment, Time, Expenditures


The patented SAO dispenser infuses cold tap water with ozone to create safe, high-performing stabilized aqueous ozone (SAO).

Benefits of SAO:

  • Eliminates germs, odors, stains, mold, and mildew.
  • Quickly kills viruses and bacteria including E.coli, Salmonella, MRSA and more. *
  • Safe and effective with no toxins, carcinogens, or chemical residue.
  • Converts safely back to tap water and oxygen.

*Kills 99.999% of Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus within a 60-second contact time.