schoolSAFEid has always been dedicated to the dream of providing a safe environment for our children to learn in school. Parents just should not have to worry about their children’s safety. With new and advanced technology, schoolSAFEid has turned that dream into a modern-day reality. All schools can be safe through schoolSAFEid. Even though individual schools and entire school districts suffer from dismal financial support, but schoolSAFEid is determined to help.

schoolSAFEid is excited to announce the schoolSAFEid Start-up grant. This Start-up grant will provide a school or potentially a district with a FREE schoolSAFEid kiosk and an annual software license for a year. Every school awarded this grant will be given the opportunity to purchase the software after the 1st year software license fee of $499 per/kiosk. This license runs from September 1 to August 31.

Grants will be awarded periodically throughout the year. That’s right! schoolSAFEid will award grants totaling over $100,000 each year to schools across the country. We are certain when school personnel discover the ease of use, when parents are able to relax knowing their children are safe and protected, and when administrators realize the tremendous “bang for the buck,” schoolSAFEid will be in every school across the country.

Do you have a visitor management system? Let us help you get started up with our new grant opportunity!

Apply today and we will respond to your grant application as quickly as possible. Thank you for your interest in schoolSAFEid!