School safety is one of the top concerns of today’s administrators. Two Stark County schools North Canton City Schools and Lake Local Schools – are committed to finding additional ways to bring peace of mind for parents and teachers in their districts and are implementing products that can help to make their schools safer.

Superintendents Jeff Wendorf of North Canton City Schools and Kevin Tobin of Lake Local Schools are partnering with us on school safety and bringing solutions to schools across the country. Both districts have selected to implement the ‘schoolSAFEid’ and ‘Alertus’ programs, available through us, to help with safety and communications efforts on their campuses. Both say the programs are making a difference in school safety and peace of mind.

Screening and keeping track of visitors

“Parents worry about who is coming into the schools and having contact with their children, and schoolSAFEid helps schools to keep track of everyone who visits, screening out those who shouldn’t be there,” said JR Suppes, president of DriveMind.

SchoolSAFEid program visitor management systems for K-12 schools helps schools understand more about who visits. As visitors enter the school, they submit a drivers’ license and are issued a portrait badge within seconds. The ID is instantly screened against the registered sex offender databases in all fifty states and can check visitors against custom databases set by each school which can contain custody alerts and/or banned visitors. The system ensures that accurate and reliable records are kept for every visitor that enters the school and allows administrators to log from any device with an internet connection to see who is in the building at any time, helping in times of emergency or evacuation.

 “SchoolSAFEid made a significant difference in our visitor management system,” said Wendorf. “Our parents and staff have been very impressed with its efficiency and have peace of mind knowing that we are aware who is visiting our schools.”

Communicating with families in times of emergency

Communicating quickly with students, teachers and parents in the time of an emergency is vital. Alertus is an emergency response communication system that ensures everyone can receive critical information, regardless of where they are and what they’re doing, during an emergency. Notifications can be sent through traditional means of phone paging systems, email notification and text messages, but can also include pushing emergency messages to digital signage, desktop computers, PA systems, and fire alarm panels using equipment that the school already owns – something that is not available with many other products on the market.

Tobin reviewed many systems for Lake Local Schools, but ultimately chose Alertus for his district. “Having an efficient and effective way to send out emergency notifications is must and is an expectation of our families. And working with a trusted, local company, like DriveMind, allows us access to a responsive team, should an issue arise.”

Because school safety is so important, we at DriveMind have made it a focus. In addition to schoolSAFEid and Alertus, we arealso known for the promotion of Mobil Trackr for bus safety, and the Bolo Stick door barricade system, a lockdown device that can be deployed under the most stressful of situations, and by anyone at any age. It is currently used in schools in Ohio and across the nation.

“We are very pleased with the safety products we have implemented and their functionality in filling gaps that we identified in our school safety plans and operations,” said Wendorf. “Appropriate solutions to improve safety in our schools is paramount in today’s world. We feel very comfortable with the products and services DriveMind Group provides, and since the company is made up of former educators, we know they understand our issues and really care about our students.”