Stacked desks, chairs and more chairs.

School fire drills. Tornado drills. Lock-down drills. And now active shooter drills. Yes, today nine out of 10 U.S. public schools hold emergency mass shooting exercises with teachers and students. Unfortunately, it’s become the new norm as our nation’s schools are forced to adapt to more elaborate safety measures.

Creating “roadblocks” for survival reports that there have already been 34 mass shootings in 2018 – including the recent Parkland, FL, school rampage where 17 students lost their lives. In 2017, there was a total of 346 – that’s almost as many mass shootings as there were days of the year.

The reality is that a new generation of students are now learning how to lock and barricade their classroom doors much like they learned how to stop, drop and roll in case of a fire. But is this the most effective course of action? Considering that most classroom doors open outward, stacked desks and chairs won’t prevent an intruder from entering. Not to mention the fact tha

A more effective, one-step alternative As concerned parents and former educators, the DriveMind Group is dedicated to providing optimal solutions for the many challenges our educational system faces. After much research, we’ve identified a strong, simple and safe device specifically designed to rapidly secure classrooms and protect students against unwanted entry. We confidently recommend the Bolo Stick™ door barricade.

  • Strong steel constructionThe Bolo Stick door reinforcement is made from ASTM1045 cold-rolled steel, rather than aluminum or plastic, with a tensile strength of 91000 psi. It’s been independently tested and rated to resist forces in excess of 4,200 lb – that’s more than two tons. All proving to be an unbeatable force in keeping out classroom threats and unwanted intruders.
  • Simplistic design and implementationCompared to others on the market, the Bolo Stick has been reported to be the easiest and most simplistic barricade device for teachers and support staff to use, even in high-pressure situations. The Bolo Stick can be easily deployed by inserting the round safety pin into the round hole of the safety mount. And, it may be easily removed without any special knowledge, skill or effort. Plus, the device takes only minutes for maintenance to install in virtually any floor type, from concrete to tile.
  • Safe and secure resultsUnlike similar products, the Bolo Stick can be implemented inside the classroom to keep teachers out of harm’s way. And, even if the door lock is shot out, the device’s low attachment point makes it almost impossible for an intruder to identify what’s keeping the door secure, while making it more resistant to applied force. And without obstructing a room’s egress.

What’s more, the Bolo Stick is building compliant, made in the USA, and, most importantly, affordable at just $59 per unit. Created by a police officer, educator and parent, the Bolo Stick was developed with the needs of today’s school systems who are under financial restraint in mind. In fact, it’s already being used in dozens of school districts throughout Ohio, as well as California, Missouri, Louisiana, Texas and Kentucky.

To find out more about the Bolo Stick door barricade, contact the DriveMind Group now. As a hub for educational tools and services, we’re committed to helping streamline schools’ operational challenges, from curriculum enhancementfundraising and robotics to building safety.