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The DriveMind Group offers you a one-stop shop solution to your Special Education service and delivery. DriveMind can evaluate, implement and manage your Special Education Services. Whether you need a supplemental Intervention Specialist or a complete Special Education program we have the answer for you. We ensure the highest standard of service delivery and professional performance.

Schools, parents and students can rest easy knowing that we have personally recruited each employee. They have all been carefully vetted to ensure that their ultimate goal is the same as the DriveMind Group, student growth and success. All employees have undergone appropriate background checks, are highly qualified and are dedicated to providing optimum service.  Our handpicked and dedicated professionals are encouraged to work with the entire school team to create a customized learning environment that focuses on student success.

Our comprehensive team can provide the entire package starting with the referral process and ending with service delivery plans to meet each students individual needs. Our team of highly qualified special educators can offer on-site training for teachers, on-site audits, and coordinate with service providers to ensure all services are being delivered in accordance to all state and federal requirements. Special Education Compliance Coordinators offer assistance in working with your school to ensure special education files are exceeding expectations and are up-to-date in accordance with new Special Education Law.

Professional Services Available

Special Education Coordinator
Special Education Compliance Coordinator
Intervention Specialist
Educational Aide

School Psychologist
Speech/ Language Pathologist
Occupational Therapist
Physical Therapist
Health Screenings
Remedial Title 1 Teacher

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