What if I told you that there were 59 reported cases of gun violence yesterday alone and in those reported cases, 12 people died and 53 were injured. According to gunviolencearchive.org we find these number alarming yet sadly, we find them becoming more and more normal. As I sit here thinking about those numbers, I think of the days where we didn’t have to worry about walking around in a mall, sitting in a movie theatre watching a movie, or better yet…sending our children to school worrying if today would be the day something would happen at their school. As a new mother, I can’t imagine the stress that falls onto parents across the world feeling helpless in their child’s safety at school.

So how common are school shootings really…

School shooting are undeniably becoming more and more frequent and are averaging out to 1 shooting per week. According to the Washington Post, more than 215,000 students have experienced gun violence at school since Columbine. It’s unfortunate, but these numbers are our reality. It’s unfortunate that we must have specified training and security measures implemented into our school, but it is our reality. Most of all, it’s unfortunate that innocent children are suffering the consequences before, and after, each incident, but it is our reality. We must take control of our reality!

We’re on a mission.

With school safety becoming an increasing topic of discussion and importance every day, you’re probably taking the time to ensure your own schools safety measures. Making our schools safe and secure is our reality and our top priority as we specialize in school/classroom security and safety solutions. We have made several plans to follow and systems that are already in place to make our schools a better place for our children. We have implemented several systems that have proven to make a difference! We are an educational think tank, a group of educators that are focusing on making our educational system better and working to solve the many challenges its facing by providing: advice, tools, services, and solutions to solve these problems and make our schools better for our children and their future.

If you had the chance would you take it?

Download our Protective Shield Solution, a Threat Assessment Checklist (TAC) where you’ll learn safety advice in areas such as school community, social media, exterior grounds and parking areas, controlled access to building entry, school bus transportation and much more. This checklist is an excellent thought provocation tool and conversation starter. With the areas we ask you to focus upon, we also include safety solutions that you can implement immediately to make sure campus is safe and secure. We urge you to download our Threat Assessment Checklist today and see what changes you can make, or solutions you can implement into your own security plans, to ensure that you are ready for any type of emergency. There is not one answer to this difficult problem…but a multi-level, protective solution package does, and that package does exist!

Contact us today and together we will work to put the Protective Shield Solution in place, or specific items to make your district plan complete!

As a hub for educational tools and services, we’re committed to helping streamline schools’ operational challenges, from curriculum enhancement, fundraising and robotics to building safety.