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DriveMind Group Protective Shield

With DriveMind’s Protective Shield Solution, your school can stop criminals at the door with schoolSAFEid, provide physical classroom protection with the Bolo Stick barricade device, and even get in touch with families and school staff instantly with Alertus. These are just a few of the products featured in our Protective Shield Solution. Contact us to […]

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EZ-Robots Robotics Lab: a Blast for Students and a Breeze for Teachers

Tell students that they’re going to get to build robots? They’re beyond excited. Tell teachers they’re going to teach their students how to build robots? A little reluctant at first, but with the EZ-Robots Robotics Lab, they’re beyond excited! Really, it’s all in the name; they’re easy. Just ask Frank Pilato, Career Tech Prep Teacher […]

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