Meet The Team

Founded by two educational administrators, the DriveMind Group is a collective of school administrators, educators, and business professionals.

JR Suppes


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JR Suppes began his career in education in 1986.  Throughout his 30+ year career he has experienced every position the field has to offer, except for IT Director and School Treasurer.  His wealth of knowledge and experience is unparalleled.

Not only has he had a successful career in the field of education, JR created and implemented several successful businesses.  For many years he was affectionately known as the “Clicker Guy” to school personnel throughout the nation, as he was the leader in the distribution of student response technologies.

Teacher, coach, administrator, entrepreneur and mostly importantly loving husband and father, JR and his business partner, Jim Bostic, created the DriveMind Group to continue their strong belief in serving and supporting the communities they love.


Jim Bostic

Vice President

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Jim Bostic is a veteran in the field of education, with over 30 years of combined experience in senior level administration, secondary curriculum, career-tech education, including a variety of school leadership positions at all developmental levels. Jim’s passion for education has inspired him to successfully receive an assortment of degrees and licensures, molding him as an education expert in both traditional and community school design. With his skills, Jim has assisted in significant enrollment growth in large school districts, as well as effectively analyzing and improving school budgets. Jim is married to his long-time wife and father of eight children.


Jackie Davis

Director of IT and STEM Programs

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Jackie has been in K-12 Information Technology for nearly 15 years. Partnering with schools in efforts to grow their understanding of technology and what drives learning for this generation of students is and will always be Jackie’s passion. STEAM in the classroom is something that is a must in the 21st, 22nd, 23rd centuries and beyond and she just can’t wait to share this concept to all staff (tech savvy or not) with the enthusiasm of a true geek (but without the pocket protector).

Jackie holds degrees in Applied Business, Computer Networking Software and Applied Science, Computer Networking Hardware.


Lindsey Blackburn

Solution Specialist

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Lindsey Blackburn has worked in education for the last 15 years serving as both an educator and consultant. She began her career in public high schools and then ventured into the non-profit world as a senior director at the Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

Her most recent work, as an independent contractor/consultant has allowed her the flexibility to work full-time as well as enjoy her growing family. She currently resides in Central Ohio with her 3 kiddos and husband (who is also a teacher). They are active in the local community and enjoy helping others grow and learn.


Steve Viscounte

Director of Program Development


Steven Viscounte is an exceptional educator with a vision for all-round educational advancements. His several years of quality experiences in this field, especially in administration, will provide a solid perspective in the operations and protocol on how schools operate. He has made an impact in education through his several roles as a teacher and leader. With his kind nature, exemplary skills and determination to make a difference wherever he finds himself, Steve is excited to contribute his quota as a member of the DriveMind Group team of professionals.


Jackie Michael

Solution Specialist

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Jackie has 11 years of experience in the field of education. Before completing her degree she spent six months abroad in Australia learning about their education system. Jackie began her teaching career in Arizona. She taught 1st grade for five years there until returning home to Ohio where she taught 2nd grade for six years. Throughout her teaching career her main focus was to create a safe, loving environment. Assisting schools and organizations in being proactive on the safety front is something she truly believes in.


Benjamin (Ben) Brewer,


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Benjamin (Ben) Brewer is the Principal Consultant for CSERC3 Consulting. In this role, he consults with clients on risk management, security challenges, emergency response, crisis and risk communications, operational concepts, and continuity of operations. In collaboration with customer organizations, he influences client-focused solution design and facilitates solution implementation, configuration, and training. Ben’s critical facilities security, emergency management, continuity of operations and information security experience spans more than 35 years; this period includes 25 years in the U.S. Air Force, from which he retired as Chief Master Sergeant in 2008.