DAILY DING Team Fundraising for the 21st century

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Stress free fundraising. Each card is customized with a team photo, mascot, schedule and a customized message from your coaching staff to promote your team.

Users get great offers your family and friends can save up to hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars on our DAILY DING platform, while your team can run a successful fundraising campaign.

Team fundraising for the 21st century.

Additional to a coupon book, an App-based fundraiser.

You sell it. You keep it.

$5,000 Profit

250 cards

$10,000 Profit

500 cards

$20,000 Profit

1,000 cards

$40,000 Profit

2,000 cards

$60,000 Profit

3,000 cards

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Take Lake Local Schools for example. Lake Football made a whopping 86% more in fundraising profits over last year thanks to Daily Ding.

Coach Dan DeGeorge says, “The app creates the ability for customers to have discounts available to them at all times.In this day and age when everyone has their phone on them at all times,it creates the best possible scenario.”

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